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Orchids are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants that belong to the Orchidaceae family. They are known for their unique and intricate flowers, which come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Flowers are found in almost every habitat on Earth, except for the extreme polar regions. They can be terrestrial (growing on the ground), epiphytic (growing on trees or rocks), or lithophytic (growing on bare rocks).

Orchids have become popular as both ornamental plants and subjects of horticultural interest due to their stunning beauty and exotic appearance. They are widely cultivated for their captivating flowers and are often used as houseplants or in floral arrangements. They have a complex pollination process, and some species have developed fascinating adaptations to attract specific pollinators. With over 25,000 recognized species and counting, orchids are one of the largest and most diverse plant families in the world.