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Soil is a natural resource that forms the top layer of the Earth's surface. It is a complex mixture of minerals, organic matter, water, air, and living organisms.

It provides a medium for plants to grow and plays a crucial role in supporting terrestrial life. The formation of soil is a slow process that occurs over thousands of years through the weathering of rocks and the accumulation of organic material.

Various factors influence soil formation, including climate, topography, parent material (the underlying rock or sediment), organisms, and time. Soil is composed of mineral particles of different sizes, such as sand, silt, and clay. These particles, along with organic matter derived from decaying plants and animals, create a soil structure with pore spaces that hold water and allow for the movement of air.

Soil texture refers to the relative proportions of these mineral particles. In addition to minerals and organic matter, soil contains water and air. Water fills the pore spaces between soil particles and is essential for plant growth and microbial activity. Air within the soil provides oxygen for plant roots and soil organisms. Soil is a dynamic ecosystem teeming with life. It supports a vast array of organisms, including bacteria, fungi, insects, worms, and small mammals. These organisms play important roles in nutrient cycling, decomposition, and soil fertility.

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